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Don’t dim to fit in

These are Rebecca Cambell’s words from her book ‘Light is the new black’. I’m absorbing the words, there’s so much recognition. And since she’s  a few steps ahead of me, I find it extremely inspiring. But I do dim to fit in. Rebecca says: “Flowers don’t open and close according...

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Want or can’t?

“Do you not WANT to eat wheat, or are you actually allergic?” I got this question asked several times lately, eating out in Amsterdam. But… does it actually matter if I don’t want, or can’t eat anything? I think the actual question is: do you, as a restaurant owner, want...

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Robien the nutritionist

For years, as long as I can remember, I have been trying to look and feel as healthy as possible. It started with me thinking I was too fat (mind you, I was only 4 years old). When I was 27, I found out I had psoriasis – it ‘suddenly’...

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