Robien the nutritionist

For years, as long as I can remember, I have been trying to look and feel as healthy as possible. It started with me thinking I was too fat (mind you, I was only 4 years old). When I was 27, I found out I had psoriasis – it ‘suddenly’ appeared (it never does, of course). After trying some hormone-filled ointments without succes, the dermatologist told me I would never be able to get rid of it. Oh, I could move to Aruba, lying in the sun all day would heal psoriasis.

meandmykaleThe not getting rid of it part, I didn’t believe. And I love winter and snow and seasons, so no way I was moving to Aruba. Of course I could learn to live with an ugly skin; people learn how to live with a leg missing. I just didn’t believe I had to, so I turned my studies about health up a notch and became a certified n
utritionist. I found parts of what I learned useful, but it wasn’t enough. The real eye-opener appeared when I started to listen to my body.

I had the feeling there were certain things I shouldn’t eat. I’m not talking about MacDonalds, obviously; I have always been foodie. My friends used to call me a rabbit during high school. This was more subtle. And instead of a period of trial and error, I decided to find out quickly, through a dietitian who works with applied kinesiology. The outcome was simple: I had to skip all wheat and cow dairy from my diet. I started straight away, and after a few weeks the psoriasis reduced. Being a nutritionist and a creative person, this wasn’t hard for me at all.


But I still didn’t feel amazing, and then something else crossed my path. One of my best friends worked with an amazing holistic doctor and she told me to send a strand of hair which they would analyze with the Indigo computer. Part of the outcome didn’t surprise me: I am allergic to wheat and cow dairy (also cashews, shellfish and all GMO foods). But the other part was really interesting; my adrenal glands didn’t function properly. It took me a few months to fix this, and my psoriasis became less and less visible. Now, only when I eat wheat or cow dairy (or something really unhealthy), or when I stress too much, some spots appear. I actually feel blessed to have such a clear indicator of how I’m doing, health-wise.

Back to me, the nutritionist. Some days I am really positive about what I know about optimizing ones health. Some days I think: I know nothing!! There are people who know it all, like the (Dutch) dietitians registered here, or the lady who analyzed my hair. I’m ‘only’ a nutritionist, I’m not a doctor or a dietitian. But then again, why should I keep all I learned for myself? Maybe it will be useful to one person, and that would already be enough. So I’m spreading what I found out, I will keep on learning, and share my experiences when I think it might be useful.

I am a certified nutritionist after all! A nutritionist who thinks that the most important thing is to have a positive state of mind. But more about that later!


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